Transit Levy Now!

Transit provides access to jobs, education, healthcare and many other necessary destinations for thousands in our community.

Clevelanders for Public Transit has been working for years at the state and local level to fund transit.

When we learned that the state government was making changes that would result in millions of dollars lost for transit riders all over Ohio, including $20 million to RTA, we opposed it. In July of 2016, RTA said this was a “significant, catastrophic loss of revenue.”

Even with looming $20 million annual loss, RTA’s Board of Trustees did not seek local revenue in 2016 or 2017, while riders faced service cuts and fare increases.

In fact, RTA service has been cut over 25% while fares have doubled since 2005.

Enough is enough.

We need you tell the RTA Board to invest in transit now!

Clevelanders for Public Transit supports a 5-year local levy for transit funding this November.

Not only to add service and reduce fares immediately, but to make fares fair and redesign the whole system to make it more useful.

Please take a minute to let RTA know why you support a levy this year.

The deadline to place a levy on the ballot is August 8th!

The letter will also be sent to Cleveland Mayor Jackson, County Executive Budish and the Mayors and Managers Association. They appoint RTA Board Members. Their ongoing support is critical.