Treat your workers fairly, Corus

Help us get a fair collective agreement! Send a strong message to Heather Shaw, Executive Chair and Doug Murphy, CEO of Corus Entertainment.

CMG members work in operations on the TV side at Corus and have been trying to negotiate a collective agreement with the company since March.

The company is offering only a 1% increase and a deal that will expire in 6 months. They refuse to address the $10,500 wage gap between people doing similar work.

On top of that, they illegally took away benefits and reduced pension contributions after we voted to join the union.

We think Corus, a multi-billion dollar company, is capable of closing the wage gap. They need to stop punishing us for having joined a union and start treating us fairly.

Please help us get a collective agreement by sending a letter. Click "Start Writing" to send our letter or to write your own. Thanks for taking the time to show your support!

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