Tell Starbucks to come clean on cocoa

You may think of Starbucks as a coffee chain, but the company also sells huge amounts of chocolate products. With more than 35,000 Starbucks stores worldwide selling millions of drinks and snacks daily, that’s a lot of chocolate.

Starbucks sources cocoa, the raw ingredient for chocolate, from West Africa. Much of the cocoa from the region is linked to serious social and environmental problems, including child labour and the destruction of tropical forests, which are home to endangered forest elephants and chimpanzees.

Starbucks claims to source its cocoa responsibly. But when it comes to paying cocoa farmers a living income, addressing child labor, or protecting forests, Starbucks is evading accountability and hiding behind grand claims it cannot substantiate.

With profits of over $21 billion in 2022, Starbucks has the means to ensure that the company’s cocoa purchasing benefits farmers, protects children and keeps forests standing for wildlife.  

But it won’t act until it hears from thousands of consumers like you. Can you help make this happen?

Take action now and sign the petition to tell Starbucks to come clean on cocoa.

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