Support a Pathway to 100% Voter Registration - Upgrade California to Secure Automatic Voter Registration System (SAVR)

California is home to 4.7 million eligible BUT UNREGISTERED voters. This group is disproportionately made up of Asian American, Black, and Latinx citizens*, resulting in an electorate that does not accurately represent California’s population. This is unacceptable. For democracy to work for all of us, it must include all of us.

Voter registration was designed as a barrier to participation in order to keep Black and low income communities from accessing the ballot. In 2023, working-class and immigrant communities of color continue to disproportionately face barriers to voter registration. The fight for voting rights won’t stop until EVERYONE has the freedom to vote.

By improving California’s voter registration system, we ensure that voting is not a privilege but a right. Secure Automatic Voter Registration (SAVR) ensures that historically disenfranchised communities can make their voices heard at the ballot and are not left behind. SAVR simplifies the voter registration process for all eligible citizens by automatically registering them to vote after verifying an individual’s eligibility based on the documents provided to the DMV. By removing barriers to voter registration through SAVR, we can create a path to a true, inclusive democracy for all.

As voting rights are being attacked across the country, we need to secure a pathway to enfranchise all eligible voters in California.  

Will you write a letter to Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber today to urge her to support Secure Automatic Voter Registration and empower millions of Californians to become active voters?

*The Census does not collect sufficient data regarding voter registration rates of Pacific Islanders and Indigenous Americans, which CAGDC recognizes as yet another barrier to full civic participation.