Urge Mayor and Councilmembers to support legislation for bicycle and sidewalk safety!


On Friday, August 9, the Seattle City Council will consider three vital pieces of the MASS Coalition's transportation package:

  1. A Bicycle Safety Ordinance requiring that when the city does major road work, it also makes any improvements listed in the Bicycle Master Plan at the same time - or explains to City Council and to the public why this isn’t possible.

  2. A resolution requesting that unfunded projects in the Bicycle Implementation Plan be funded, including all south end projects and two-way bike lanes on 4th Ave downtown.

  3. A resolution requesting that in 2020, SDOT double the number of planned off-sidewalk bike and scooter parking spaces (bike corrals) to continue to rebalance the allocation of street space and ensure pedestrian access on sidewalks.

These important measures will make our streets safer for all users. Please take a moment to email the Mayor and City Council to show your support!

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