Urge South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee to Reject Anti-LGBTQ S.811

On Wednesday, January 12 a subcommittee of the South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on S.811, a bill that would target LGBTQ people people for discrimination in healthcare. We must come together to pressure the subcommittee to defeat this discriminatory bill.

S.811 would grant license to deny care for any group based on personal beliefs. The impacts of this bill could not be more clear: S.811 would make access to care much more difficult for LGBTQ people – especially in rural communities.

The LGBTQ community stood together in 2021 to prevent discriminatory bills such as these from becoming law, and won. South Carolina, it’s time to speak out again: use these tools to pressure lawmakers to #StopS811 by sending a letter to the committee members and your Senator.

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