Urge your legislators to support RetirementPlus enrollment

In 2001, Massachusetts introduced RetirementPlus, which allows teachers to retire a little earlier if they increase the amount they contribute to their pension, to 11% of their salary. Teachers hired before July 1, 2001, had the option to elect to join RetirementPlus when it was enacted through an often-confusing process that led many to believe they were automatically enrolled, only later learning that they were not.

H.2483, S.1702 and H.2630 would create a fair and clear pathway for teachers hired before July 1, 2001 to have a second opportunity to join RetirementPlus. A recent ruling by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA) has made it clear that legislation is needed to fix this problem.

UPDATE: On February 7th, the Public Service Committee requested an extension to allow these bills to stay in committee beyond the February 7 deadline. The new deadline for the committee to take action is June 30. Due to this extension and to help keep attention on this issue, we have modified the email message to legislators and ask that you send it once again.  

Please email your legislators and urge them to support these bills! Please feel free to personalize the letter by sharing your story and why reopening enrollment in RetirementPlus is so important to you. Also consider placing a phone call to your legislators to follow up on your email. You can find your legislators' contact numbers by clicking here.

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