Urge the Senate Ways and Means Committee to Support the MTA-Backed Retirement Enhancement Bill!

The MTA is supporting legislation to provide a retirement enhancement opportunity for members of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System, and we need your help.

The legislation, H.2620/S.1791, filed by Senator John Velis (D-Westfield) and Representative Carol Doherty (D-Taunton), provides eligible MTRS members with an option to purchase up to five years of service and/or five years of age, or a combination of the two not to exceed a total of 10 years. This opportunity would be open to teachers in the MTRS who agree to purchase their time and retire during the enrollment period but does not apply to educators who are members of other state or local retirement systems. The legislation also includes mandatory backfill language to avoid teacher shortages. On March 24, 2022, the S.1791 was renamed as S.2783 and assigned to the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. This committee is tasked with reviewing legislation related to the finances of the Commonwealth.

Please email the Senate Committee on Ways and Means right away and urge them to support S.2783, the MTA-backed retirement enhancement opportunity legislation!

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