Urge your state legislators to co-sponsor workers' rights bills in Colorado

Workers deserve more rights

We live in a culture where corporations simply have too much power. Currently, they can:

  • Ask us to sign away our rights
  • Push us out of our jobs for any reason or no reason
  • Work while grieving a loved one
  • Check our credit in the hiring process
  • Fail to conduct investigations for reports of sexual harassment
  • Discriminate against those suffering from domestic violence
  • Retaliate against injured workers
  • Make it difficult for us to leave toxic workplaces when our healthcare is tied to our jobs
  • Silence us when we've been abused
  • Pay some workers below minimum wage
  • Not grant sufficient sick leave amid COVID-19
  • Conduct abusive scheduling practices
  • Avoid accountability for discrimination through wages and promotions
  • Steal wages
  • Block public employees from striking
  • Ask about our desired salary ranges, which has a discriminatory impact
  • Verbally abuse and sabotage workers with zero accountability

We can change this toxic culture for workers through by passing these bills into law:

Protecting Opportunities and Workers' Rights (POWR) Act, SB23-172
This bill specifies that in harassment claims, the alleged conduct need not be severe or pervasive to constitute a discriminatory or unfair employment practice. It also provides workers with stronger rights around disability accommodations, timely investigations, and nondisclosure provisions.

Fair Workweek Scheduling, HB23-1118
The bill imposes requirements for certain types of employers with regard to:

  • The determination of employee work schedules;
  • Employee requests for changes to work schedules; and
  • Notices and posting of employee work schedules.
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