Urge your state legislators to co-sponsor workers' rights bills in Missouri

Workers deserve more rights

We live in a culture where corporations simply have too much power. Currently, they can:

  • Ask us to sign away our rights
  • Push us out of our jobs for any reason or no reason
  • Work while grieving a loved one
  • Check our credit in the hiring process
  • Fail to conduct investigations for reports of sexual harassment
  • Discriminate against those suffering from domestic violence
  • Retaliate against injured workers
  • Make it difficult for us to leave toxic workplaces when our healthcare is tied to our jobs
  • Silence us when we've been abused
  • Pay some workers below minimum wage
  • Not grant sufficient sick leave amid COVID-19
  • Conduct abusive scheduling practices
  • Avoid accountability for discrimination through wages and promotions
  • Steal wages
  • Block public employees from striking
  • Ask about our desired salary ranges, which has a discriminatory impact
  • Verbally abuse and sabotage workers with zero accountability

We can change this toxic culture for workers through by passing these bills into law:

Minimum wage, SB515
This bill will increase subject public employers to minimum wage increases from which they are currently exempt.

Paid family leave, SB548, HB673, HB1126, HB1255
This bill will provide 6 weeks of full paid family leave for state employees following the birth or adoption of a child.

Pregnancy discrimination, SB267
This bill will prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy.

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, SB60, HB384, HB574
This bill will prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Whistleblower protections (Whistleblower's Protection Act), HB1025
This bill will expand whistleblower protections to include law enforcement.

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