URGENT ACTION - End Impunity for Racist Attacks in HMP Long Lartin

CW State violence; racism; Islamophobia


Prisoners are speaking up about the latest in a pattern of racist and islamaphobic attacks at HMP Long Lartin. They are being met with denial, hostility and aggression.

Recently Nathan Lewis, a young Black Muslim, was attacked. Senior Officer (SO) Mark Noah and other officers followed Nathan from the shower to his cell and punched him in the face. Another prison officer, Victoria Williams, was heard afterwards saying, 'we need to get our story straight'.

This is the latest in a pattern of racist attacks on young Muslims by SO Mark Noah. There have been at least 3 attacks in the last 9 months. Alongside Nathan Lewis, Hoppe and Daniel Neil have also been abused. On all occasions Mark Noah's report states that he made a pre emptive attack as he feared he would be attacked. All of Mr Noah's attacks happen within prisoner’s cells. One of the prisoners who was attacked was taken to adjudication and found guilty of attacking an officer. The paperwork stated that the prisoner admitted the assault and said sorry to the officer. This is a lie.

Two prisoners - Miran Thakrar and Aja - handed in complaint forms regarding the attack. They have been met with hostility: SO Noah has been present on the wing on at least 2 occasions seemingly trying to intimidate the prisoners who have made the complaint about him. He appears and stares at Miran and Aja who now fear they will be SO Noah’s next victims. Miran received a reply to his complaint stating that the prison denied the attack happening.

Since submitting complaints forms, Miran and Aja have been given IEP warnings and 'nickings'. One of these nickings was because Miran was asking the wing to take the knee after Nathan Lewis was attacked making a stand for Black Lives Matter. The prison changed the wording of this to say he asked all Muslims to take the knee.

Miran and Aja fear for their safety and wellbeing. They fear they will be the next victims of Mark Noah and wish to be transferred out of HMP Long Lartin.


  • For SO Mark Noah, Victoria Williams and others involved in the racist attacks to be investigated and fired

  • For Miran Thakrar and Aja to be transferred out of HMP Long Lartin