URGENT ACTION: End Islamophobic Attacks at HMP Long Lartin

Yesterday, Muslim prisoners were interrupted during the call to prayer by officers banging on the door saying they were enforcing noise pollution rules.

A non-Muslim officer told Miran, "you don't have to do call to prayer, you only do that at the mosque".

When Miran told the officer not to explain his religion to him, the Officer gave him a nicking for threatening abusive language/ behaviour.

Miran was moved to segregation with no official reason given, however he believes it is partly due to the protest on Saturday, itself a response to Islamophobia and partly this Islamophobic incident.

Miran is now in a control cell with no electricity.

This is the latest in a series of Islamophobic attacks at HMP Long Lartin. These include at least three attacks on Black prisoners who are practicing Muslims in the last eight months, all of which involved SO (senior officer) Mark Noah.

We say: no justice, no peace

Take action now!