Urgent Action: HMP Wakefield End Racist Attacks in the Segregation Unit

graphic has a purple background. Text says: Urgent Action HMP Wakefield: End Racist Attacks in the Segregation Unit content warning: State violence, racism, Islamophobia

Last week, governor Tom Wheatley denied any wrongdoing takes place in the segregation unit at HMP Wakefield. He denied abuse committed on his watch, sending multiple emails claiming that: "the prisoners here are being treated with dignity and respect".

A few days later, on the 28th August, six officers in full kit (with shields and batons) attacked Michael Peters. Michael was rushed in his cell after asking why he was being kept on 7 man unlock.

Michael Peters has been on 7 man unlock for a month with no explanation. On the 28th August, when officers asked him to stand at the back of his cell with his hands on his head, he refused, asking why he was being treated like he was a monkey and a slave. About seven officers were seen and heard rushing into his cell. We do not know the extent of his injuries.

Michael has also been denied regime (access to the shower, exercise and phone) for three days in a row.

It is no surprise that Tom Wheatley has denied this treatment. We know from a former prisoner at HMP Wakefield that when he was a Senior Officer (SO), Wheatley denied food to Black prisoners and prisoners of colour: one example of his persistent racism.

Under Governor Wheatley's leadership, the Black men and men who are practicing Muslims in the segregation unit are being forced to comply with degrading treatment or be physically assaulted by officers.

Now, more than ever, we need to apply pressure to HMP Wakefield & remind Tom Wheatley he is being watched.

We will not accept the lies he is spreading because we know the violence happening inside HMP Wakefield.

We cannot stop fighting this racist system until all are free.

We will update you with any requests of support from Michael Peters.