URGENT ACTION - HMP Wakefield: end the targeted torture of Muslims in the segregation unit.

a green background with silver writing that reads: URGENT ACTION HMP Wakefield end the targeted torture of Muslims in segregation

Content Warning: descriptions of state violence

We have received reports of abusive treatment in the segregation unit in HMP Wakefield. Prison segregation units are "prisons within prisons" with intensified regimes of solitary confinement.

Authorisation to hold people in the segregated unit is supposedly regularly reviewed. However, prisoners are being routinely denied the opportunity to make representations against being kept in segregation longer. Officers are falsely claiming prisoners have declined to make representations.

Officers are using their power to harm prisoners who are practicing Muslims beyond even the official torture guidelines.

One man is on 7 man unlock. This means 7 officers with shields enter each time his cell is opened and he is required to stand at the back of his cell in a certain position, or be attacked by 7 armed officers.

Others are being denied the most basic necessities. Someone has been denied hot water and blankets, and hasn't been allowed to leave his cell to use the shower or exercise. He has not been seen outside his cell for a month.

Someone else was refused his right to a shower and exercise because there was a female officer on the wing. However other prisoners reported there were in fact 6 male officers on the wing

When officers are challenged they retaliate with nickings [allegations of breaking prison rules]. One person's access to his money has been cut off - the only way he is able to purchase edible food and phone credit to maintain contact with his support network.

All of these prisoners are practicing Muslims.

Prison Officers think they can get away with this treatment because they are far away from accountability, behind the prison walls.

We must let them know we are watching and we will not remain silent.

They can not continue to torture people with impunity.

We say: No Justice, no peace.