URGENT ACTION: HMP Wakefield, stop torturing Black prisoners in the segregation unit

Banner has a green background with a brick wall texture. Text in a white font says: URGENT ACTION: HMP Wakefield stop torturing Black prisoners in the segregation unit. Content Warning: state violence, racist violence


**UPDATE - 29/10**

Michael Peters was forced to come off the ACCT document (used where there is risk of a suicide attempt) despite telling the officers he was suicidal. This was after making two complaints that he was not being listened to.

Following this, Officer Daniel Millburn goaded Michael, telling him to "string up" before he made the attempt.

The prison have also stopped Michael's canteen as a punitive measure for his suicide attempt.

According to PSI 64/2011 The ACCT Plan must "Only be closed once all the CAREMAP actions have been completed and the Case Review Team judges that it is safe to do so"

This is clearly not the case for Michael who was expressing suicidal thoughts. This is extreme medical abuse and neglect by HMP Wakefield.

Please continue to take action.

**UPDATE - 25/10**
Michael Peters has made a suicide attempt.

He has since been restrained in his cell and his television has been removed. Officers have damaged his property. He is under constant observation.

Michael’s mental health has deteriorated because of the violently racist treatment he has been subjected to.

The suicide and self-harm prevention manual states that prisoners subject to an ACCT (considered at risk of making a suicide attempt) must not be denied access to a television, let alone have their television taken away.

Michael has been subject to an ACCT at least since Thursday 21st October.

PSI 1700 requires an "envisaged timeframe" for finding alternatives to segregation.

This has not been followed, with Michael remaining in segregation indefinitely

PSI 1700 further states that restraints must only be used only as a “last resort” – however, there is no evidence that HMP Wakefield have attempted to de-escalate Michael’s distress

**Original Message**

On top of the torture of solitary confinement of segregation, where prisoners are locked in their cells almost 24 hours a day, HMP Wakefield are physically assaulting prisoners and isolating them from their support networks through denying them access to books that have been sent & blocking prisoners’ letters.

Michael Peters was attacked again by officers in the segregation unit last week. It is unknown if he has received healthcare for physical injuries and his mental health is deteriorating as a result of these repeated attacks.

Shaqueille Plummer has been denied books that have been sent in. Access to reading materials is vitally important to survive the conditions of solitary confinement.

Letters to and from a number of prisoners in the segregation unit, including Shaqueille Plummer, Michael Plummer and Dwayne Fulgence, are also being blocked. It is clear that HMP Wakefield are trying to isolate prisoners.

Racist oppression of Black prisoners has been ongoing in the segregation unit. Shaqueille is being pressured to see a psychologist against his wishes and is being threatened with hospital referral -the prison are attempting to use the racist treatment they have subjected him to, to gaslight him. Shaqueille has been in solitary confinement for over 9 months.

Let’s keep up the pressure! We know these urgent actions are having an impact. TAKE ACTION NOW!