URGENT ACTION: Stop the inhumane treatment of Black prisoners in HMP Long Lartin Segregation Unit

Banner has a green background. In white text it reads: Urgent Action: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Black Prisoners in HMP Long Lartin Segregation Unit  Content Warning: Racist and state violence

Content Warning: Racism, State violence

Shaqueille Plummer has now been held in segregation for over 1 year. “Segregation” is a euphemism for solitary confinement – spending almost 24 hours alone in a cell every day, deprived of all sensory stimulation. Spending over 2 weeks in solitary confinement is reported to cause lasting harm.

Shaqueille has recently been transferred from HMP Wakefield segregation unit to HMP Long Lartin segregation unit, demonstrating the ‘merry-go-round’ use of segregation units where governors negotiate for prisoners to be transferred from one segregation unit directly to another. A recent report published by the Independent Monitoring Board (2021) states that this practice is ‘simply wrong and must cease’ and that people being held in solitary confinement for such long periods of time is "simply unacceptable"

Shaqueille has been denied access to his property, which includes his books and important legal paperwork, with this being held in reception. Some prisoners have had their property held in reception for up 5-6 months, intensifying the harms of solitary confinement.

Shaqueille has no books, no TV and no electric. He is confined to an empty cell on his own for almost 24 hours a day. Access to reading materials is vitally important to survive the brutal conditions of solitary confinement. Such degrading treatment, on top of solitary confinement, is inexcusable.  

Shaqueille's unlock level has been increased to 4 man unlock in the last week, meaning that he now has to have 4 officers with him to leave the cell, all wearing body cams. Before they enter the cell, he has to stand against the wall in a degrading and dehumanizing position (known as back wall unlock). These increased punitive measures are being used against Shaqueille because he is Black.

HMP Long Lartin believe the walls around their prison will mean they can torture our friend with impunity. We must show them that they cannot.