URGENT ACTION: Transfer Miran Thakrar immediately out of a life threatening situation in HMP Frankland

bright red banner that reads urgent action : Miran Thakrar is facing racist retaliation. Demand his immediate transfer out of HMP Frankland

As retribution for resisting racism and Islamophobia in HMP Long Lartin, Miran Thakrar has been transferred to the segregation unit in Hmp Frankland.

This has directly put his life in danger.

Threats to Miran and his family have been made by both prisoners and staff at Hmp Frankland.

When Miran was last located in HMP Frankland in 2010, he was abused in the segregation. Officers destroyed his food, starving him.

Threats were made on Miran and his brother Kevan’s lives. Miran’s family received threats during visits and on social media, including an officer’s family member promising Miran’s brother he would only leave the close supervision centre in a body bag.

Officers not only allow racist abuse to continue on their watch but encourage it.

Officers starve prisoners unless they take part in racist attacks.  

Transferring Miran Thakrar into this environment is a life threatening act of violence.

This has been enacted intentionally by:

Alex Worsman, the chair of the Close Supervision Centres and Richard Vince, the director of High Security Prisons.