Urgent: Co-sponsor the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act of 2023

Rep. Gwen Moore speaking on the WRCR Act in 2019

VIDEO: Rep. Gwen Moore speaking on the WRCR Act in 2019

We are excited to announce that US Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) will be reintroducing the Worker Relief and Credit Reform (WRCR) Act on March 9th in DC.

WRCR modernizes the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), reaching more workers and expanding the definition of work to make unpaid family caregivers and low-income students eligible for EITC for the first time. By recognizing the work of mothers and other unpaid caregivers as well as low-income students and getting money directly into their hands, WRCR is expected to reduce poverty by one-third, especially among women of color, single mothers, survivors of domestic abuse, those with disabilities, older women and more.

👉 Using this sample letter, please ask your Congressional Representatives to sign-on to the WRCR right away as an original co-sponsor. Feel free to add details about how you, your family, and community would benefit by having your unpaid work recognized and valued.

👉 Please also let us know if your organization would like to endorse the WRCR.

👉 And please join our grassroots delegation in attending the Thursday March 9 press conference in Washington DC (10-10:45am at the House Triangle outside the US Capitol). Help spread the word! Your participation will show your visible support for Congresswoman Moore’s efforts to attack poverty.

If you are not able to come, but want to send a message about what the WRCR would mean to you as a caregiver or student, please send it to us and we can pass it along. We are organizing transportation from Philadelphia so for those in the Phila area please urgently let us know if you can come and if you need/can offer a ride to others.

Global Women's Strike and Women of Color/GWS
215-848-1120 philly@allwomencount.net

Letter Campaign by
Margaret Prescod