Please take a moment and send a letter to elected officials in our state and ask them to ensure that any future funds to the state from opioid settlements are spent on people and communities that have been affected by this pandemic.

Doing so will have a huge impact and save lives!

You fought hard to make drug companies pay for their negligence in fueling the overdose epidemic, now we have to continue that fight to ensure that this money makes it into the hands of those affected.
New York recently received 32 Million dollars from a Opioid litigation settlement, of that 32 million, 20 million went into the general funds. This is UNACCEPTABLE, and as NY stands to receive substantially more money from the Purdue settlements, we need to make sure our voices are heard at the local and state level.

You are welcome to use the letter provided as is but please feel free to edit and include your own personal narrative as to why this issue is important to you.

Every letter helps!

Recovery Community Day Of Action

May 4th @ 10:00AM

Friends of Recovery-New York (FOR-NY) is holding a Day of Action demanding Opioid Settlement Dollars are put to Recovery, Prevention, Treatment and Harm Reduction Services and Supports. Recovery advocates, statewide, are being asked to coordinate local rallies, host meetings with elected officials, send emails, make phone calls and write letters demanding this money that was paid for by the lives of lost loved ones goes to building local recovery capitol and preventing further harm and loss.

To learn more and get involved please visit: https://for-ny.org/day-of-action-resources/