USDA pollinator-friendly plant labels

photo by Renée Scott

We have a chance to make a real change in how plants are labeled so we can be confident that they do not have pesticides. There is proposed legislation by Senator Merkley of Oregon to create USDA pollinator-friendly plant labels. To receive the label, plants would be required to be native and not treated with pesticides. This is a terrific step in reducing the pesticides that go onto plants, especially native ones. However, there are currently only seven co-sponsors of this bill!

We need your help to get Senators Warren and Markey - or your senators if you are not in Massachusetts - to co-sponsor. Calls and emails are especially effective. If you are lucky enough to be a constituent of any of the co-sponsors, you can always thank them, as well.

The more constituents they hear from, the more they will understand how important this is. So, please pass this email along to your networks -- your gardening friends, fellow pollinator advocates, and organizations you are a part of -- to help spread the word and put the pressure on our Senators to co-sponsor this important bill.