SAY NO TO SB 83 - Stop the Higher Education Destruction Act

Tell Ohio Reps:  SAY NO to SB 83 -- STOP the Higher Education Destruction Act!

URGENT: The House Higher Education Committee recently passed SB 83 out of committee, advancing it closer to a FULL HOUSE VOTE. SB 83 is one of the worst higher education bills to ever hit Ohio -- tell the entire Ohio House to STOP SB 83!

SB 83 uses so-called "intellectual diversity" and tired culture war issues to censor honest education, restrict needed DEI, ban important relationships with China, weaken worker rights, and allow campuses to eliminate programs, staff, and departments at will.

This sweeping bill of mass destruction intentionally strips away our ability to advocate for safe and fair working conditions, which are safe and healthy LEARNING CONDITIONS. It would shift money, time, and attention away from student learning, making it harder to attract and keep talented students and faculty in Ohio.

SB 83 is a cheap, politically fueled attack that does nothing to  "enhance" higher ed and everything to destroy it. SB 83 is bad for students. Bad for higher education. Bad for Ohio.

EMAIL the Ohio House now urging them to STOP Senate Bill 83!