Voting Rights Under Attack - Act Now

Several members of the House of Delegates have introduced a bill, HB 2781 to repeal the automatic voter registration (AVR) provisions enacted as a compromise to last year's voter ID law. The bill would also limit the number of ID options eligible West Virginians can use to vote.

It has never been more important than it is right now to stand up for democracy and fair elections in West Virginia!

We need to call these measures what they are: voter suppression.

In a state like ours with the lowest voter turnout in the nation, this is no time to enact measures that discourage eligible citizens from having their voices heard and their votes counted – especially seniors, people of color, low-income voters and students, populations that are less likely to possess government issued photo identification and are disproportionately hurt by these measures.

The right to vote is one of the things that makes America great—we can’t let legislators erode our fundamental rights!

If legislators are serious about protecting our elections, they will protect AVR, which has built in safeguards to ensure that only eligible citizens can register. It makes our voter rolls more accurate by eliminating outdated and duplicate records. Modernizing registration can also save the state and counties taxpayer dollars.

Enter your information in the form to the right to send a letter telling the House Judiciary Committee’s members to make our elections safe and secure by rejecting HB 2781.