We Demand a Philly City Budget where #BlackLivesMatter

Racism has been a key driver of environmental destruction, and it's pushed our communities and the planet to a breaking point.

While Philadelphians are grieving the latest lives lost to police brutality, City Council has an opportunity to stand up against institutional racism in the city budget. At this point, Mayor Kenney has proposed a budget for 2021 that includes roughly:

  • $14 million increase to the Philadelphia Police Department
  • $13 million cut to Parks and Recreation
  • $12 million cut to homeless services
  • $8 million cut to the Health Department (during a pandemic)

Organizations across Philly are calling for a city budget that communicates with our resources that #BlackLivesMatter. This would mean defunding the police and fully funding services for the health & safety of Philly families by having the wealthy in our city pay their fair share.

This tool will allow you to email all 17 Philadelphia City Council Members, their staffers, Mayor Kenney, and the Managing Director by filling out a quick form.

Letter Campaign by
Mitch Chanin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania