We want Safe Neighborhood Streets - Please support Texas HB 442

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Every kid in Texas deserves safe neighborhood streets to walk, bike, skate, ride their scooter, ride in a car, use a wheelchair, or even just play in the yard.

Unfortunately, most of our neighborhoods are designed to encourage people to drive at speeds that can kill or seriously injure people walking, biking, or even traveling in cars.

Let's make our neighborhood streets safer by asking your State Representative to support HB 442

While transportation safety in general must focus on freeways and major arterials where most of our crashes occur, more children are killed or seriously injured while walking and biking in Texas on our 30 mph streets than on any other type of street.

Parents are afraid to let kids play in their own neighborhoods, leading to decreased physical activity, and contributing to our obesity crisis.

City transportation officials know how to design safer streets so we all feel comfortable driving at safe speeds of 25 mph or less, but the Texas transportation code is hindering deployment of safe residential streets.

Nationally, the transportation engineering profession has shifted the way we think about the problem of speed and designing streets for safe target speeds. NACTO has called for slower design speeds for residential streets, and has recently been joined by AASHTO, with the new Green Book calling for using the concepts of target speeds to achieve safe streets.

The Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan calls for using safe design speed strategies and for thoughtful processes for the Texas transportation engineering community to work through this complex shift in thinking.

Let's make our neighborhood streets safer by asking your State Representative to support HB 442

HB 442 is scheduled for a vote on the Texas House floor as early as Wednesday, May 12th
please take action TODAY!

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