We need free rapid home covid tests for all

banner image says we need free rapid home covid tests and there is a graphic image of a covid rapid test

Without free tests, many people simply won’t test.

Please join The People's CDC in writing to elected representatives to say we all still need free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs). You may send your own letter, send our suggested text, or edit it, using this form or sending to your elected representatives directly.

Suggested Letter to Reps:

It’s dangerous and unacceptable to end health insurance coverage on May 11th for the 8 monthly rapid at home covid tests (Rapid Antigen Tests – RATs) that our families have relied on.

And especially for uninsured people, the government offering 4 tests per household through the USPS was a great idea that should be continued. But that was far less than what’s needed to really protect ourselves and our families, and help protect our co-workers. (Many states will be slashing Medicaid enrollment this year, so the number of uninsured people needing access to free tests will soar!)

At a minimum, 8 tests per month per person should continue to be covered by all health insurance including private plans, Medicare and Medicaid – and available via the US Postal Service.

Without free tests, many people simply won’t test, and will go to work or school sick – and won’t seek treatment that could keep them from getting sicker.

Covid isn’t over, so we need at-home TESTS.

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