We need to get four campaign finance bills out of the House of Delegates. Help us!

The House killed all campaign finance bills reviewed in committee. Now 4 common sense bills have moved from the Senate to the House. Let's get these bills passed.

Four common sense campaign finance bills from the Senate have moved over to the House for review in the House P&E committee. Last week, a P&E sub-committee killed 5 bills in quick succession, including two bipartisan bills on restricting personal use of campaign funds.

Let's send all the members of the P&E a message that these four bills (see below) need to pass.

  1. Restricting personal use of campaign donations. Senator Boysko’s bill (SB1471). Passed Senate 38-0.
  2. A disclosure bill, requiring disclosure on ads funded by independent expenditure groups,  championed by Senator Favola (SB854). Passed 21-17.
  3. Senator McPike’s bill (SB1503) mandating electronic filing of campaign reports. Passed 38-0
  4. Senator Suetterlein’s bill (SB1427) which requires more timely filing of reports of large pre-election contributions. Passed out of the Senate with a 40-0 vote.

We need your voice to remind them that Virginians are watching and  want to get those bills out of committee and into law.

Why is this letter-writing platform important? Your elected officials might not listen to just one or two of us alone, but together we are stronger.

Fill in your information on the right side of the screen, a sample letter will be provided. Your legislators will be listed. You can use the pre-drafted message or write your own! It's easy and quick. You can also share this action with friends and neighbors to have more impact.

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