We Stand with Ilhan Omar

Please sign this letter to call on Congress to cease bullying one of the first Muslim American women elected into the House of Representatives.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has recently raised important questions about the influence of private organizations, including AIPAC, in funding candidates and lobbying our government. Rep. Omar has since then received attacks from President Trump, Republicans, conservative media outlets, as well as Democrats in Congress.

Please condemn the attempts to smear Rep. Omar as anti-Semitic, when her criticisms of the Israeli government’s policies are very far from an expression of hate towards the Jewish people. The actions by both Republicans and Democrats to silence and penalize any criticisms and boycotts of Israel is a violation of our First Amendment rights.

As Jewish Voice For Peace stated on February 12, “Ilhan Omar supports our Constitutional right to boycott, and she criticizes Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights. The sustained attacks on her are in large part fueled by racism and Islamophobia.”

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