We Won't be Silenced! Postal Governors must allow public testimony!

We Won't be Silenced! Postal Governors must allow public testimony!

The Postmaster General and Postal Board of Governors (PBOG) are gagging the American public from speaking out about the poor postal services in our communities. PMG Louis DeJoy, in addition to dismantling delivery service standards, is also dismantling long established opportunities to address the ruling Board of Governors who are responsible for the postal services provided to all Americans.


From three minutes to ninety seconds to twenty-five seconds to now NO PUBLIC COMMENT will be allowed at quarterly PBOG meetings until November, 2024.

WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO HIDE? Why silence the voice of Americans who care about the quality of mail service, long lines, increased postage, misdelivered mail and delayed mail?

The PMG’s misnomer Delivering For America plan has been decried for the delayed mail service, nonsensical relocation of postal operations to far away distant cities. The Post Office lines are getting longer, staffing is inadequate, postage is increasing and our community postal facilities are losing postal workers. Americans have a right to have their voice heard!


The next scheduled meeting of PMG DeJoy and the Board of Governors is FEB 8th 2024. A legal protest rally is planned for that day FEB. 8th 2PM at USPS HQ 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Washington DC. Also a letter writing campaign is being organized to allow ALL AMERICANS to speak out about problems they are having with their post offices and mail service. We urge you to write about your issues using this letter template, modifying it or using your own words.

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