Wethersfield's Town Council and Town Manager Need to Hear from You

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Wethersfield police employee Layau Eulizier Jr. shot and killed 18-year-old Anthony Jose Vega Cruz, known as “Chulo.” Chulo had been stopped by police for a license plate issue, and dashboard camera footage from the shooting shows Eulizier jumping in front of Chulo’s car, escalating the situation dangerously. Chulo Vega Cruz should still be alive today.

As a resident of Connecticut you can demand #JusticeForChulo. You can ask the Wethersfield Town Council to conduct an independent investigation into Chulo Vega Cruz’s death and ask the Wethersfield Town Manager to discipline the police employees who killed Chulo Vega Cruz and contributed to his death.

The Wethersfield Town Council has the power to power to investigate the police department and require any police department employee to appear before the Council or to produce any piece of evidence for the Council. The Wethersfield Town Manager has the power to appoint or fire any police department employee, including the chief, and to approve or reject police department policies.

Police violence against Black and Latino people is a pandemic in Connecticut. At least 24 people have been shot and killed by police in our state since 2013. The Wethersfield Police Department is the only police agency in Connecticut that has been cited every year by the state for disproportionately stopping Black and Latino drivers. The data also shows that Wethersfield police employees have long engaged in the suburban version of stop and frisk against people near the town’s border with Hartford.

Message Recipients:
Amy Bello, Mayor
Mary Breton, Councilmembers
Gary Evans, Town Manager
Matthew Forrest, Councilmembers
Mike Hurley, Councilmembers
Jodi Latina, Councilmembers
Ken Lesser, Councilmembers
Tony Martino, Deputy Mayor
Michael Rell, Councilmembers
Anthony Spinella, Councilmembers

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