Will you take one minute to ensure equal treatment for immigrants and refugees and keep families together?

The problem: California voters, the Legislature, and Governors have committed to addressing systemic racism. By passing landmark laws in recent years, California has committed to reforming our criminal legal system. But immigrants and refugees are excluded from these reforms - just because of their place of birth. Instead of reuniting with their families upon release from state prison, they're transferred to ICE. They're subjected to the double punishment of detention and deportation.

Why we need the Harmonizing Our Measures for Equality Act (HOME) Act (AB 1306 - Carrillo): Incarceration and deportation disproportionately target Black, Latine, Indigenous, and AAPI immigrant communities. California should not be assisting ICE to permanently separate families. By prolonging incarceration through immigration detention, California causes significant trauma and hardship on refugee and immigrant communities.

The HOME Act (AB 1306) would expand access to significant criminal justice reforms to all Californians, including immigrants and refugees. No one should be excluded from a chance to reunite with loved ones just based on where they were born. This urgent bill would prevent the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from transferring to ICE individuals who have earned release through these reforms.

Take one minute to email and call your California representatives to support the HOME Act by September 14, 2023! Please review the full email and personalize as you see fit.