Wireless Safety Standards Should Protect People and Wildlife

U.S. safety limits for wireless radiation have not been reviewed for over 25 years. In August, a landmark federal court ruled that the FCC did not adequately review all the evidence when the FCC refused to update its 1996 wireless radiation exposure limits. The court ruling states the FCC did not respond to research indicating numerous harmful effects from long term exposures, especially for children. Furthermore the FCC was found to have “completely failed” to respond to science showing harm to the environment — our trees, birds and pollinators.

Leading U.S scientists have written to President Biden and U.S. Congress calling on them to take immediate action to ensure science-based protections for the public and the environment.

Join EHT’s letter writing campaign calling on our elected leaders to support the scientists and to take the following actions after this landmark court won:

  • A comprehensive research and policy review by the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

  • An environmental impact review for 5G and 4G deployment which includes not only effects from increased radiation but also climate impacts from increased energy use of the new networks and devices.

  • A halt to 5G and wireless densification until the development of science-based wireless radiation safety limits for human, wildlife, and environmental exposures by U.S. health and environmental agencies that protect against biological effects.

  • A congressional hearing to investigate how this issue has been handled for the last two decades by federal agencies and to ensure policymakers are aware of the latest science and policy recommendations.

  • A federal action plan which includes monitoring and public posting of environmental exposures; ensuring post-market surveillance for health effects; enacting policies to reduce public exposures; and educating consumers about how they can personally reduce their exposure.

America needs to invest in a safe technology infrastructure instead of racing into 5G. Our government health agencies can and should develop safety limits for wireless based on the latest research. Educating our elected officials about this ruling and demanding federal accountability depends on us.

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