Let CBC know PALESTINE exists

Take a moment to write to the CBC, and let CBC know that PALESTINE indeed exists.

In an interview on August 18 on colonization and resource extraction, the CBC's The Current guest anchor Duncan McCue, in introducing his guest Joe Sacco, referred to Bosnia, Iraq and Palestine.

In the podcast available later in the day, it would seem that CBC’s the Current edited the word 'Palestine' out. At the beginning of The Current’s August 19 edition, the following statement was issued:

"Yesterday in my interview with Joe Sacco I referred to the Palestinian territories as Palestine. We apologize."

The State of Palestine is recognized by the United Nations and a host of its institutions, including UNICEF and the International Criminal Court. There is nothing false, incorrect or misleading in referring to “Palestine” for general descriptive purposes – as in the case of Mr. McCue’s original introduction to Joe Sacco in his August 18 segment for CBC’s The Current.

Please let the publicly funded CBC know you are concerned that it feels the need to erase and apologize for the word ‘Palestine.’

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