Write letter: Canada, in the name of humanity lift sanctions against Syria

Take one minute to insist the Canadian government lift sanctions against Syria.  Humanitarian aid needs to reach those impacted by the earthquake.

Last week Türkiye and Syria were shaken by two massive earthquakes and many aftershocks. According to official estimates, 40,000+ have died and 100 thousand injured. Many remain under the rubble and over 20 million have been impacted by the quakes.

The international community must raise its voice to immediately lift sanctions against Syria so its civil society can receive needed resources. Urgent humanitarian assistance is required, but there will also be a need for aid to rebuild and recover for months, if not years.

Syria is not sanctioned by the UN, but the US has adopted crippling sanctions on the country. Canada has followed the US lead, adopting a bevy of sanctions on the country. On its website Global Affairs Canada lists more than a dozen rounds of sanctions against Syria. Read more.

US Sanctions on Syria

Syria has suffered under US sanctions for decades. In 2011 the sanctions on the country were hardened and deepened. US Cesar Act sanctions have completely isolated the Central Bank of Syria. They impose secondary sanctions on any country or corporation that trades with Syria or provides aid to Syria. The sanctions even stop individuals from sending money to their family or others in Syria. This is siege warfare.

For background:

"Deadly New Sanctions on Syria" by Judy Bello, in Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy, a project of SanctionsKill Campaign, Editor: Sara Flounder, 2nd edition, 2023.

Follow the 2023 International Peoples Tribunal, and register for civil society hearings including regarding Syria on March 18th | 10:30 am ET Register Here

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Just Peace Advocates

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