Write a letter to Canadian government: Unconditional release of Khalida Jarrar to attend the funeral of her daughter, Suha Jarrar

Write to Minister Garneau, Prime Minister Trudeau and UN Ambassador Bob Rae, calling them to work expeditiously to ensure from the Israeli authorities the immediate and unconditional release of Khalida Jarrar, so that she can attend the funeral of and mourn in dignity, her late daughter, Suha Jarrar.


Death of Suha Jarra, daughter of Khalida Jarrar

On 11 July 2021, Suha Jarrar, age 30, a senior legal researcher and advocacy officer with Al-Haq human rights organization and daughter of Gassan and Khalida Jarrar, was unexpectedly found dead in her apartment near the Palestine Medical Complex, Ramallah, Palestine. She had been serving Al-Haq as a human rights advocate before the United Nations treaty-bodies and the Human Rights Council since February 2017, specializing in gender, environment and climate change.

Al-Haq has called on the UN Special Procedures to immediately and urgently intervene to exercise the authority associated with their mandate, to secure the immediate and unconditional release of Khalida Jarrar by the Israeli authorities, on humanitarian grounds so that she can attend the funeral of her daughter, and mourn in human dignity.

The Arbitrary Detention of Khalida Jarrar


Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian civil society leader, lawmaker, and human rights activist who calls for women’s rights and for the realization of Palestinians’ rights, notably the Palestinian right to return, has been constantly and systematically harassed and targeted by the Israeli occupying authorities for her human rights work, especially in her leading role with regards to work related to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Khalida is currently held at Damon prison, serving a two-year sentence.

Khalida was first detained by the Israeli occupying forces in 1989 on the occasion of a Women’s Day demonstration for one month without trial. She was subsequently detained three additional times, for an accumulated period of 57 months: from 2 April 2015 to June 2016, from 2 July 2018 to 28 February 2019, and since 31 October 2019. Furthermore, Khalida was issued a travel ban since 1998, which was only lifted once in 2010 to enable her to seek medical treatment in Jordan. On 20 August 2014, she was ordered by the Israeli military to forcibly transfer to Jericho for a period of six months, on the basis of so-called security threat, finally reduced to one month.

Most recently, Khalida Jarrar was detained on 31 October 2019, when 12 Israeli military vehicles surrounded her house in Al-Bireh, and around 20-armed Israeli Occupying Forces raided the house at approximately 3:00 am. On 1 March 2021, Ofer military court sentenced Khalida to 24 months in prison and a NIS 4,000 fine. During the hearing session, the military prosecutor amended Khalida’s indictment, limiting it to her political role and work with the Palestinian Authority. Further declaring that there are no charges against her relating to affiliation to any military, financial nor organizational activities.

Al-Haq has made an Urgent Appeal to United Nations Special Procedures Calling for the Immediate and Unconditional Release of Human Rights Defender Khalida Jarrar, to Attend the Funeral of her Late Daughter, Suha Jarrar. Read full submission from Al-Haq.  

Al-Haq has called on mandate holders to:

●      Work expeditiously to ensure from the Israeli authorities the immediate and unconditional release of Khalida Jarrar, so that she can attend the funeral of and mourn in dignity, her late daughter, Suha Jarrar;

●      Noting that in Islamic practice, funerals take place very closely after the deceased has passed, with the funeral of Suha Jarrar expected as early as Tuesday 13 July 2021. It is therefore imperative that the mandate holders intervene swiftly as a matter of urgency;

●      To make every effort to bring Israel, the Occupying Power, into compliance with its obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law.

Also sign this international petition calling for Israel to release Palestinian leader and parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar.

Read more: Freedom for Khalida Jarrar! Appeal for immediate release upon the passing of Suha Jarrar, Samidoun.

We extend our deepest condolences to Khalida, Ghassan and Yafa Jarrar upon the tragic passing of Suha Jarrar, who died on Sunday, July 11.


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