Stand up for Afghan refugees

The 15th of February marks six months since Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, destroying lives and forcing people to flee. The UK Government launched 'Operation Warm Welcome' to support Afghan arrivals in the UK, and committed to resettling 20,000 Afghan refugees in the next four years.

But six months on, progress on the resettlement scheme has been dangerously slow and is only open to people who have already been relocated to the UK. People whose lives are currently at risk in Afghanistan have no choice but to flee, in any way they can.

The Government has also introduced the #AntiRefugeeBill, which will punish Afghans who are forced to make their own way to the UK in search of safety - a far cry from the promised 'warm welcome'.

We need to come together to call on the UK Government to keep its promises to the Afghan people.

Join us and urge your MP to call on the Home Secretary to protect, not punish, Afghan refugees.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jennifer Laws at

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