Write Your Legislator to Promote Firearm Safety!

Take action! Tell your State House Representatives and Senators to support House Bill 1846 and Senate Bill 855. This legislation proposes that all new gun owners be required to successfully complete gun safety training prior to making their first gun purchase. Enter your return address in the box on the right to find your lawmaker and send them a personalized letter.

Gun proponents are opposing this commonsense safety and education measure, despite the fact that a similar measure requiring safety training prior to receiving a hunting license has resulted in a nearly 80% reduction in unintended hunting-related shootings since the 1980s.

We need legislators to know that their constituents want new gun owners to be trained in safe handling and storage of firearms, child access awareness, gun issues related to suicide, road rage, and domestic violence, and how to interact safely with law enforcement while carrying a firearm. Safety and education are non-partisan issues.

Join our letter campaign and let your legislator know how you feel. Consider incorporating any personal experiences you have had related to gun safety, accidental shootings, gun suicide, or similar issues. Personal testimony is very powerful.

In moments like these, the work of nonpartisan groups like the League of Women Voters is more critical than ever. Make a donation to the League to show your support for our advocacy and education efforts.

Thank you for your continued support of a safe Pennsylvania.