Yale Corporation: Divest from Weapons Manufacturing

As the Yale Corporation convenes on campus this weekend, please join us in telling them that Yale must immediately disclose its holdings in military weapons manufacturing and divest from all companies that profit from war –– including companies profiting from Israel’s war activities in Gaza.

Yale recently announced that it would "revisit" its investments in arms manufacturers. The University has already taken a stance on other industries of violence through its decision not to invest in assault weapons retailers. Now, it must disclose its holdings in weapons and commit to full divestment. Otherwise, Yale remains complicit in the atrocities of war in Gaza and around the world.

Public SEC filings reveal that through shares in an ETF managed by Blackrock,Yale's endowment is tied to companies like Lockheed Martin, which supplies weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the militaries of the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world. However, these public filings account for less than 130 million dollars, which is less than 1% of Yale's 40.2 billion dollar endowment. Yale could have countless additional ties to weapons manufacturers through its shell companies. No matter the dollar amount of Yale’s investments in and exposure to these companies, its refusal to take a stance against their activities gives social license to continue profiting from war.

**NOTE: Personal information submitted through this letter writing campaign will be available only to the EJC. However, if you are uncomfortable with adding your full name and email, please feel free to fill out the fields anonymously (i.e. "Concerned Student/Parent/Faculty Member") and proceed with your letter.**