Send a Letter to Your Local Leader - Youth Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

Youth Will has a vision of a future where every young person has what we need to be happy, healthy, and prepared to reach our potential. In pursuit of this vision we work with young people from across our county. High school students and college students, foster youth, homeless youth, and recent college grads. We represent youth from all backgrounds with the common goal of having what we need to pursue our dreams.

Unfortunately, over the span of a few weeks COVID-19 has completely upended our community. And while the health effects of the virus are more lethal for our elders, we are quickly seeing that the fallout of the crisis is landing disproportionately on young people. Seemingly overnight we lost school and the extracurricular activities we participated in. The jobs many of us work have been shut down and, sadly, will not reopen. It feels as though we are slipping through the cracks as our community fractures.

Over the past several weeks, youth from across the county have been meeting via phone and video conference to share our needs and identify potential solutions. What follows is a list of our most immediate needs.

Act now by sending a letter to your local elected official demanding that they take action!

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