City of Austin, please allocate $750 million to fund a citywide network of sidewalks, bike lanes, urban trails, and safety improvements to make all ways of getting around - including driving - safe and accessible for all.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Austin City Council Members

**Please sign this petition to ensure Austin City Council approves a $750 million safe mobility bond for a public vote this November.**

Let's get Austin moving again!

Austinites are walking and bicycling more than ever and traffic is way down. As Austin recovers, we don’t want to return to the old days where we have to drive everywhere in dangerous, congested conditions. We want to get around safely, whether it's on foot, bicycling, using a mobility device like a wheelchair, or driving. Safely moving around is every person's right, no matter what their age, ability, income, or skin color.

To achieve this, the City of Austin should approve a $750 million bond for a public vote this November to fund the City's Sidewalk Plan, Bicycle Plan, Urban Trails Plan, and Vision Zero goals.

It’s crucial that we all sign this petition. Your support will help transform how Austinites get around for decades to come.

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To: Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Austin City Council Members
From: [Your Name]

I call on you to send to the voters a transportation bond this November that funds a citywide accessible network of sidewalks, bike lanes, urban trails, and safety improvements that makes walking, bicycling, and using a mobility device such as a wheelchair easy and safe everyday choices for getting around. This bond will promote accessibility, health, safety, and job growth for all of Austin.

We believe:

• Walking, biking, using a mobility device, riding transit, and driving should be safe, comfortable, and convenient options for people of all ages to get where they need to go.

• Spending time on our city streets and trails should be easy and enjoyable for Austinites of all ages and abilities, whether to commute to work, take a safe route to school, run errands, exercise, or visit a friend.

• Experiencing nature and spending time outdoors supports our physical and mental health.

• We shouldn’t have to drive so much – and it should be safe when we do.

Thanks to your leadership in recent years, enormous progress has been made to make our city a safer place to move around. Now it’s time to boldly take Austin to the next level by funding an active transportation and safety bond this November.