Meet 3 Demands to Decarcerate Wisconsin

Governor Tony Evers

Wisconsin's prison system has been a humanitarian crisis for years. Unless decisive action is taken, when we bounce back from COVID-19, the incarceration rate will bounce back as well. Wisconsin's gerrymandered legislature is working hard to escalate this crisis, by building new prisons, and passing tougher-on-crime laws. The Governor must bypass this legislature and take action himself.

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Milwaukee, WI

To: Governor Tony Evers
From: [Your Name]

Wisconsin’s prisons have been a humanitarian catastrophe for years. We do not want to see incarceration rates “bounce back” after COVID-19 stops slowing courts and creating capacity concerns. As Governor, you have the power to bypass legislative stalemate and prevent further tragedy.

We the undersigned demand that you take the following minimal actions.

1. Expand the criteria for your pardon advisory board to include all currently incarcerated people and create a process by which anyone held in WI prisons can apply for a pardon and receive serious consideration.

2. Veto any prison expansion money from the 2021-2022 state budget, including the $119 million you proposed.

3. Address overcrowding by releasing people using your pardon power, and modifying DOC policy in regards to revocation and early release programming.

You have the power to take these actions, regardless of what the legislature says. Use it. Keep your campaign promises and save the people who elected you from further harm.