Dear Mayor Breed, Please Fund And Implement #30RightNow

San Francisco Mayor London Breed

Let's get rent reductions in supportive housing by the FY2021-22 budget cycle.

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To: San Francisco Mayor London Breed
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Dear Mayor Breed,

Thank you for signing to get rents down to 30% in all permanent supportive housing sites, however, we are urging you to fund and implement this by the FY2021-22 budget cycle.

Although the budget cycle will be difficult, Supervisors Haney, Ronen, Peskin, and former Budget chair Sandra Fewer have stressed the importance of finding the $6 million needed to fund this, which is a worthy investment to keep formerly homeless low income people off the street, which then causes a strain in emergency costs.

This legislation was pushed by the ever-growing #30RightNow coalition, which includes Senior & Disability Action, Tenderloin People's Congress, Supportive Housing Provider's Network, HESPA, Housing Rights Committee, Asian Law Caucus, Youth Commission, and so many others

Furthermore, as we meet this moment, this is both a COVID relief/emergency preparedness and a racial justice issue. Many tenants have incurred extra costs during the COVID-19 crisis, and the relieving of rent burden will help the city's economy. Furthermore, many of the affected tenants are Black, and there is one building, Casa Quezada, where the majority of tenants are Latinx.

Lastly, we know that you have shared your experiences growing up in public housing, and the difficulties faced. We honor your story, and hope that you realize that life would have been a lot harder if public housing tenants had to pay half their income towards rent. It is the compassionate thing to do and the right thing to do.

Please fund and implement #30RightNow by the FY2021-22 budget cycle.