Stand with Hanover Foods Workers!

Hanover Foods CEO, Jeff Warehime

For 100 years, employees at Hanover Foods have worked tirelessly to ensure that quality canned and frozen foods reach our tables. Now, CEO Jeff Warehime is turning his back on his employees by demanding severe cuts to healthcare and retirement benefits. To add insult to injury, the CEO has proposed insultingly low wages and wants to strip workers of their overtime protections.

Warehime’s unjust proposals endanger workers’ well-being and the quality of the products consumers depend on. Stand against this injustice and demand fair treatment for the employees of Hanover Foods by signing this petition.

Together, we can hold CEO Jeff Warehime accountable and ensure that Hanover Food workers receive the fair wages and benefits they deserve.

Petition by
UFCW Local 1776
Plymouth Meeting , Pennsylvania

To: Hanover Foods CEO, Jeff Warehime
From: [Your Name]

The time has come to prioritize the well-being of your employees. Stop the attacks on their retirement benefits and agree to the family-sustaining wages and health benefits they deserve. Remember, their hard work is essential to the success of Hanover Foods.