Israel's Ministry of Defense

As conscientious objectors continue to be imprisoned, the international community condemns militarism and calls on the Israeli government to end this unjust practice.

We must let these young leaders know that they are not alone as they courageously challenge the status quo – demanding a world in which Palestinians and all people everywhere are free.

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To: Israel's Ministry of Defense
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We are people who share the belief that to create a world in which all of us belong—we must stop supporting the systems that harm and divide us.

We are signing this declaration of solidarity with the brave young people who refuse to serve in the Israeli army because, in their words: “So long as Palestinians live under an occupation which deprives them of human rights and national rights, we can never achieve peace.”

Conscientious objection has a long, global legacy as a tool for citizens to stand against injustices perpetrated by State and military powers.

The Palestinian people have been subjected to illegal expulsion, annexation, discrimination, military occupation, and the denial of basic democratic rights.

Conscientious objectors express nonviolent opposition to this violent paradigm.

The young Israelis refusing to be drafted hail from different parts of the country and from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. They are confronting inequality and militarism with empathy and solidarity. They are actively withdrawing consent from an unjust system, and they are doing so with a conviction that another reality is possible—one built on the values of peace, justice and equality.

We applaud these young people’s decision to not take part in the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people, and we condemn their imprisonment.