PA Legislators: Say "NO" to a Massive Expansion of Illegal Gaming in Our Communities

PA Legislators

Illegal slot machines are unregulated and unmonitored. These illegal gaming machines are draining more than $138 million annually from The State Lottery. This impacts programs like Meals on Wheels and prescription drug assistance for seniors. Not only that, but they are a magnet for crime.

PA Lawmakers are proposing expansion of video gaming machines and calling them “skills games,” when they are really illegal video slot machines. Lawmakers want to add THOUSANDS of new unregulated, illegal slot machines to PA. That expansion would cost the state nearly $600 MILLION a year and would put our kids and our communities at risk. It's not worth it.

Sign this petition to ask your legislators to say "NO" to a massive expansion of illegal gaming in our communities.

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We, your constituents, are asking you to say "NO" to a massive expansion of illegal gaming in our communities.

The Pennsylvania State Police have made it clear that, “These gambling devices remain unregulated and unmonitored. The operation of these devices and the activities surrounding them are ripe for corruption. There is no consumer protection, via a minimum payout rate - return to player, or means to address problem gambling. There are no safeguards to prevent minors from gambling such as within our existing licensed casinos.”

For the safety of our communities and our kids, and to protect the important revenue for non-profits provided by the PA lottery and state revenue from legal gaming at safe, regulated casinos, please vote "NO" on any expansion of illegal gaming.