A complete overhaul of Economic Development globally to incorporate Environmental Sustainability

Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom

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Currently, people and governments are in a state of utter shock that Nature could seemingly find a way of inflicting pain upon humanity through the coronavirus epidemic that has brought all international economic development to a standstill. And we have no idea how long the virus will be around.

We as human beings need to understand that you cannot buck the market as economists say by which I mean the supplier of goods and services in Mother Nature cannot be over-exploited forever because of Gaia in Brahman Nature who enlightened philosophers refer to as Mother Nature. Greed in global institutions funded by the rich in an ever-spirralling bid to acquire more wealth needs to be regulated by governments and restricted by an international agency such as the United Nations though the World Bank and the international Monetary Fund. We cannot use a sledgehammer to destroy all forms of life apart from ourselves as we are not a self-sufficient species but are interdependent and share the Planet with other creatures, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, insects etc. The lesson of antibiotics is a prime example that Nature will adapt through the evolution of synthetic-drug resistant species of microorganisms and larger animals and plants. We cannot use a sledge hammer to destroy organisms that we consider as weeds and pests because that will have a tremendous deleterious knock on effect on the ecosystems of different habitats from which poison-resistant plants will evolve and the cycle of endless killing will continue between humans and the wider natural world.

Nuclear weapons and nuclear energy-generated radioactive wastes will kill microorganisms in the short term but environmental Science dictates that new radioactive-resistant microorganisms could develop over which we will have no means of control and which will parasitise on human beings like Ebola in addition to making us vulnerable directly to the radioactivity because we are not immuned to this carcinogenic agent that is dispersed in the uranium deposits in and under the Earth’s crust but will accumulate from exploitation.

I wrote in my Wordpress website Blog, Towards Knowledge for World Conservation an article on the Impending Economic Doomsday Scenario for the World from unbridled capitalism and big business closed down the Blog in which I was explaining that money comes from the environment and has been accumulated over thousands of years from utilising unsustainably the finite resources of the Earth instead of renewable resources. Money comes from carbon dioxide and water together with associated minerals in the soil that cannot be controlled by us humans without serious repercussions for our long-term well being and those of future generations of humans and life forms.

Decimating the environment by radioactive emissions from nuclear power and weapons have toxicity impacts and implications on all living beings directly and indirectly so that radio-activity-resistant varieties of micro-organisms may develop to rival the human species in the occupation of the Plant. The lesson of mass extinctions that scientist now know about as having wiped out entire generations of certain living creatures were the result of the living forms like the dinosaurs not adapting to their environment and Nature took it’s course to reboot a new generation of living creatures in the Paleontological Tree of Life. We humans are not invincible and will perish in the same way quickly if we do not understand this basic Gaia hypothesis of how Brahman-Nature works and continue to seek guidance in religions as if a God may come and save humans from their suffering because of the perceived ignorant brainwashing that man is made in the image of God. God created Brahman-Nature but does not directly interfere in how living creatures live. So I am an atheist in this particular respect and denounce all religions as the cause of all human maladies that makes us fight with each other to see who gets the lion’s share of the finite natural resources of the Earth.

We do not need energy to the extent that we are utilising it with no concern for the environmental impact such as global warming from the usage as Nature will have its own way as it has always done over billions of years. We do not need fashion clothing for example as simple austere food, clothing, shelter, transport, healthcare is all we humans need for a life span of 70 years, beyond which living is a pointless existence serving only self-gratification at the cost to the environment. We do not need more than 2 children per family at the maximum because overpopulation of the Earth has caused severe and widespread damage to the environment that generates our basic necessities.

Accordingly, G7 and North Atlantic Treaty Organisations and all international economic institutions such as World Bank and the International Monetary Fund need to be abolished to prevent the spread of capitalism globally, as we humans finally begin to learn the lesson of coronavirus, small pox, malaria, tuberculosis, polio, diptheria, typhoid, etc to know that we humans are doomed if we do not heed this warning. Instead the government of the United Kingdom seems intent upon banning Extinction Rebellion as a terrorist organisation, and I was persecuted by the State over 22 years because of these criminals and vandals of Nature. All my efforts at bringing the Prime Minster to address these concerns were blocked by the Courts of the State. Further you should take notice that the Labour Party banned me from voicing my concerns and ideas because I was discussing these matters by following the concept of Green Socialism.

I do not have the scope to write a Thesis on Environmental Science since the UK State terminated my scientific career in which I secured Distinction Post Graduate Diploma in 6 out of 7 Course Units and was prevented from getting an MSc in Agricultural Development with Distinction because the University of London rejected such concerns in my 7th Unit Dissertation. Such is the power of the international economic vested interests who are interested in nothing but converting natural resources into money with ever increasing and insatiable greed. The food shortages in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic that generated panic buying by consumers shows that when hunger bites all the niceties and civility goes out of the window as we begin to enter the rat eat rat and dog eat dog competition to acquire these basic necessities.

Get this through email to Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, and Xi Jinping and any other G7 leaders of their respective nations after taking a second opinion from Sir Richard Attenborough.

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Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Pangrahi

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Your Majesty

I wrote to you 20 years ago with the first of my concerns on the decimation of my scientific career which saw me disenfranchised in UK society. That petition proved to be worthless, and I have abandoned the quest for justice against the University of Greenwich now.

Be that as it may, I have moved on from the seclusion of my home in your kingdom to learn more on scientific, technical, religious as well as the natural environment matters and beg of you consider this petition with urgency as all my efforts at securing signatures to the 38 Degress petitions failed to materialise.

You are the Head of the nation - my investigations have proven - and unless you take charge of this issue, the consequences for the nation and for the World would be dire in my estimation.

This is why I have joined Extinction Rebellion after debating for over a year whether my Hindu beliefs would incorporate association with a group that is being considered by your government as being a terrorist organisation for its direct action policy.

Please consider taking soundings from the Commonwealth of nations so that such a considered view is taken in light of the inter-relationships that have been built in historically with your monarchy.

Please let me have your response as soon as practicable.

Your faithful subject

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi
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