A group of guys in a back room taking away our health care

Senator Mitch McConnell

A group of 13 Senators, all men, drafted their health care bill in secret behind closed doors to avoid public scrutiny – and it shows. President Trump himself called the House version of this bill ‘mean’ and the Senate’s proposal is just as heartless. In short, their health care repeal bill will make health care worse for everyone — it raises costs, cuts coverage, weakens protections and ends Medicaid as we know it. Even people who have health coverage through their employers could face soaring out-of-pocket costs for essential medical care.

It is especially irresponsible for the Senate to rush a vote on this bill. We need time to fully understand how this bill will impact our lives, and these Senators have a duty to explain it to us. Demand a public hearing. Sign the petition to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

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Washington, DC

To: Senator Mitch McConnell
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We, the undersigned, are asking you for a public hearing about your health care bill before you vote. We are patients, friends, family, and medical professionals who believe you should hear directly from the people whose lives are on the line before you vote on any health care bill that takes away our care, raises our costs or risks the protections we rely on every day.