A Universal Basic Income pilot for Bristol

Bristol City Council

Universal Basic Income is a monthly, non-means tested payment made directly to every adult. Multiple Councils around the UK have passed motions calling for a trial of Universal Basic Income in their areas.

Recently, the Cross Party Parliamentary and Local Government Group on UBI published a letter in The Guardian to Chancellor Rishi Sunak requesting he “support trials of Universal Basic Income in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as a response to the ongoing economic shocks caused by coronavirus”. [1] This letter was signed by over 500 elected representatives from across the political spectrum.

Universal Basic Income is Green Party policy, appearing as a fully costed commitment in their 2019 manifesto. Labour committed to carrying out UBI trials across the UK in its 2019 manifesto. The Liberal Democrats have recently made UBI a Party policy. There is cross-party recognition that a UBI could help tackle poverty, precarity, and build resilience into communities.  

The arguments for a Universal Basic Income range from supporting basic human dignity, to preparing the economy for the large scale automation of jobs. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing Governments globally to develop creative policies for tackling the spread of the virus whilst minimising the economic impacts of doing so, we believe that Universal Basic Income is an idea whose time has come.


[1] https://www.ubilabnetwork.org/letter-to-rishi-sunak

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To: Bristol City Council
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We call on Bristol City Council to:

1. Write to the Government calling for a Universal Basic Income pilot in Bristol.

2. Work with UBI Lab Bristol to:
a. raise awareness of the concept of Universal Basic Income within the city.
b. develop proposals for how a Universal Basic Income pilot could work in Bristol.