A&B: Hold a Public Forum on the Future of Kailua

Alexander & Baldwin


Alexander & Baldwin owns 90% of the land in central Kailua (and owns many other properties across the East Side). Every development decision that A&B makes impacts our community, our history, our culture, and our people. Right now, they make decisions about the future of our town with little oversight, and seem to be accountable only to their shareholders and their own bottomline.

The campaign to #SavePaliLanes has been a wakeup call for A&B, showing them how much Kailua residents care about the changes happening within our town, and that we're not going to let them get away with treating Kailua and the surrounding community like a cash box that exists only for their profit any longer. While they've made some small steps towards community engagement, we need real accountability, and we need decision makers at A&B to hear the concerns and input of Kailua residents directly.

We demand a say in the future of our town. We demand an end to developer control of Kailua with no accountability to residents. If A&B is serious about having a better relationship with the community, they need to prove it. That's why we're demanding that Alexander & Baldwin holds a public forum in Kailua to disclose their development plans and hear the input from the community on the future of our town.

For too long, Alexander & Baldwin, developers, and the tourism industry have done whatever they wanted in this town. But if we come together and make our voices heard, we can chart our own destiny and preserve the soul of our town — everything that makes Kailua, Kailua.

Petition by
Evan Weber
Honolulu, Hawaii
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To: Alexander & Baldwin
From: [Your Name]

Dear Alexander & Baldwin,

Mahalo for your recent public statement in the Star Advertiser that you "haven't done enough to engage with the Kailua community regarding our future plans for our properties there" and that you "can't solve broad community problems by ourselves."

We also appreciate that, in response to community pressure from the campaign to #SavePaliLanes, you have begun to send representatives to Kailua Neighborhood Board Meetings, and expressed intent to further engage and seek input from the community.

In this spirit, we, the undersigned, demand that you participate in a public forum on the future of Kailua — to make transparent your development plans and open yourself up to input from the community.

If it is true that "A&B wants to partner with Kailua and preserve the character of the town," having a public forum where we can begin a conversation about what that might look like is an important first step. We believe that this would be an opportunity for A&B to better understand the concerns and desires of residents, and for community members to better understand the plans and intentions of A&B. We hope that you agree, and are willing to work with us to make it happen.

We look forward to hearing from you,