Vote Yes on AB 3087 -- Health Care Price Relief Act

California Legislators

Price of an angiogram in Canada: $35
Price of an angiogram in the US: $914

Price of an MRI scan in the Netherlands: $319
Price of an MRI in the US $1,121

In California alone:

Northern California: average in-patient hospital procedure is $223,000+
Southern California: average in-patient hospital procedure is $131,000+

Seem right to you? Seem fair? Yeah, we don’t think so either. With healthcare prices soaring and our wages hardly growing, too many Californians are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table.

There’s no rhyme nor reason for our healthcare prices. That’s the way powerful health corporations like it. They can charge whatever they want, whenever they want.

Californians deserve fair and reasonable prices for the quality medical services they receive. A new bill, AB 3087 (Kalra) will stop medical monopolies from continuing to gouge Californians with outrageous prices on health care.

AB 3087 will bring together healthcare experts with the independence to rein in skyrocketing healthcare prices. They will use the tried and true Medicare system to ensure that prices are fair to consumers, doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers. This new law would bring much needed relief to all Californians.

Tell California Legislators: Vote YES on #AB3087 -- The Health Care Price Relief Act.

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Health care spending in the U.S. far outpaces the rest of the developed world, but we are not getting better care. California needs a body with the power to follow Medicare's example and set fair prices for the health care the all Californians need.

By establishing an independent commission with the authority to make prices fair, AB 3087 (Kalra) delivers price relief to consumers and employers who are paying the price when providers use undue market power to escalate prices. AB 3087 will take meaningful steps towards achieving the goal of health care as a right for all.

Vote YES on AB 3087.