Act Now to Give Public Employees a Voice on the Job in Virginia

Virginia Senators & Delegates

A new bill just introduced in the Virginia General Assembly by Del. Elizabeth Guzman would give educators (and other public employees) the right to engage in collective bargaining with their local school divisions.

That’s a game changer, and it means that the ability to negotiate needed changes like more resources for student programs, smaller class sizes—and your salaries and benefits—is within your grasp.

Virginia teachers are paid $8500 under the national average, and too many support professionals don’t earn a living wage. Collective bargaining will give you an equal seat at the table.

We need your help to get Delegate Guzman’s bill passed. Sign our petition now!

To: Virginia Senators & Delegates
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I support Del. Guzman’s bill (HB 582) extending collective bargaining rights to public employees, including school employees, in Virginia.

Collective bargaining is a win for students, a win for educators, and a win for schools:

Having a seat at the table will ensure that teachers have a genuine voice in the learning and working conditions in their schools. In other states with collective bargaining, educators and school districts have negotiated agreements that have lowered class sizes, provided for extra resources for students, and addressed school health and safety issues.

Collective bargaining also offers an avenue for addressing poor pay, erasing teacher shortages, and making sure we attract and retain the very best to our classrooms.

I urge you to support school employees—and all public sector employees—by backing Del. Guzman’s bill.